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We provide concrete solutions public highways and commercial driveways such as in malls, hotels, public parks, and many more. Specifications for commercial driveways require a more stringent adherence to state laws and regulations, since heavy trucks and other vehicles regularly use them. This is why and heavier vehicles require thicker concrete and base depth to avoid premature cracking.
Concrete driveways that are not laid out and layered correctly can easily be damaged.  Every city and township in Tauranga have its own requirements for commercial driveway specifications, which we are well acquainted of.

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Requirements for Public High Ways & Commercial Establishments ​

  • The base for commercial concrete driveways should be at least 6 inches thick and must be fully compacted to resist heavy duty usage and loads
  • Driveways or high ways must be reinforced with layers of wire mesh or rebar above the base.
  • Commercial concrete driveways must be at last 6-8 inches deep and must have a sturdy foundation
  • The ideal condition for applying concrete should be 55 degrees. Concrete must not be poured when the weather is either too hot or too cold.
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To ensure that your concrete driveway will last for many years, we follow various specifications and state standards.  This helps ensure a problem-free driveway for the public. If you need a reliable contractor that you can trust your project to, feel free to call us.