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Need a professional concrete pool builder? Do not hesitate to contact our concrete experts in Tauranga. For many years, we have been providing expert pool building services all over the city. Browse through our wide selection of services and choose how we can help you.

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Decorative Aggregate for Pools

Our pool builders Tauranga recommend exposed aggregate surface for pool pathways, edges, and decking. Exposed aggregate offers non-slip features making your pool area safe for adults and kids. We have a wide selection of colour palette you can choose from.

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Popular Aggregate Mix

​The most popular decorative aggregates include colourful natural stones such as basalts, granite, quartz, and limestones. However, we can also use manufactured materials such as recycled coloured glass upon your request. The following are some factors you can consider for your pools.

  • Color
  • Hardness
  • Size and gradation
  • Shape
  • Method of exposure
  • Durability

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Increase your home value by 20% or more by a adding a swimming pool. If you need an experienced team in building swimming pools, feel free to call us.  We have professional and highly trained concrete contractors who are very knowledgeable regarding the different aggregate mixes that you can apply for your pool. Feel free to contact us.