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Concrete driveways are essential parts of landscaping plans for homes and businesses. We provide concrete solutions for all types of projects. Concrete is versatile, preferred for durability appearance, and has low maintenance. Concreting your driveway does it all.

If you need a fast and reliable concrete contractor, feel free to call us. We expertise in wide variety of concrete application and finishes, textures, and colours. We have worked with various homeowners and businesses to accomplish concrete driveways that lasts.

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Why Concrete Driveway

​Concrete is an excellent driveway material. It is versatile, preferred for durability, appearance, low maintenance, and indicates quality construction from the first glance. A concrete driveway does it all.

​We normally use cast-in concrete for driveways that we can add color and imprint with a patterned design, depending on what you’re aiming for. Concrete driveways can look like bricks, tiles, cobblestones, or simple concrete patterns. Texture patterns can include bromide, swirl, or exposed aggregate.  

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Concrete Installation

To ensure your concrete driveways will look good for many years to come, we follow vital specifications during installations. First is high-quality workmanship and materials. We also follow the standard thickness, which is a major factor in determining a driveway’s structural capacity. Concrete should at a bare minimum 4 to 5 inches thick. Driveways for commercial establishments with more loads and heavier trucks passing by will require mor than 5 inches thick and additional materials to solidify its quality.  Other considerations during installation include the following:

  • Rebar and wire reinforcement – Bars will be placed in grid pattern with spaces at least 12 inches apart from each other to ensure structural integrity.
  • Properly prepared subgrade – Both composition and compaction will keep a good subgrade. Crushed rocks, gravels, and other good materials will be placed on the driveways depending on what is more appropriate.
  • Correct concrete mixes – Considering the load and weight passing over your driveway, we use high-performance concrete mixes. Prices can vary depending on the brands. Either way, we will give you a durable, low-permeability mix to withstand the rigorous condition that your driveway needs to bear.
  • Correctly placed joints – Joints must be paced at a maximum spacing of 10 feet for driveways that are 4 inches thick.  This helps prevent random cracks and premature damages in the future.
  • Proper finishing – The biggest mistake that other contractors make is overworking the surface and finishing driveways even though the bleed water is still present. We use three-step process to ensure your driveway is solid.  First, we level off the concrete, next float concrete with wood, and apply broom finish to improve the traction.
  • Proper drainage – At least 1/8 inch per foot should be sloping towards the street to create a good drainage.
  • Proper curing techniques – Curing the concrete driveway is the final step of installation process. We use different curing techniques for concrete driveways such as using plastic sheets, wet curing blankets, continues sprinkling, or liquid membrane-forming.

Concrete Repair

​Before we repair anything, we first know what the source of the problem is. Knowing the source of the problem will help tell us the proper step to be taken. We ensure every repair will last for long.  

  • Concrete Crack Repair
  • Concrete Driveway Repair
  • Raising Sunken Concrete
  • Concrete Surface Repairs
  • Concrete Slap Repair
  • Concrete Pool Deck Repair
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Concrete Replacement

Replacement concrete is a process of repairing concrete when the defects or cracks are too large for a repair. In this process, we will have to remove the defective concrete from the structural membrane and prepare the damage for concreting. We usually recommend this process when the area exceeds 1 square foot and has a depth greater than 6 inches. In this case, repairing this concrete will not be enough. Concrete replacement is applicable for all various scenarios such as the following:

  • Holes that are too big and are reaching concrete sections
  • Holes that are 1 square foot deeper than 4 inches
  • Reinforced concrete with holes that are ½ square foot 

Tauranga Concrete Driveways
We provide installation and repair services, including application of different finishes applications for commercial, residential, and industrial needs.

Concrete Driveways
Concrete driveways have always been prefered for their durability and resistance to all types of weather condition. Even so, you need a reliable concrete contractor to build your driveways, otherwise,  a low-quality concrete mix will only cause you more troubles in the future. Hire us for a solid concrete driveway whether you need it for your home or for your business. Concrete makes the best material for your driveway.

Asphalt Driveways
We properly install asphalt for driveways or replace an old one. Properly installed asphalt driveways will perform at its best when installed correctly. Trust our contractors to do the right thing for you.  Compared with chip seals, asphalt provides more longevity.  Asphalt can last from about 20 to 30 years while chip seal paving projects can only last for 15 years. We would recommend asphalt for heavy-duty highways and commercial driveways.

Concrete Pools
Our pool builders Tauranga expertise in pools building and installations.  Concreting pool pathways and pool bottoms and surfaces help give it long lasting durability. We use only high-grade tools and materials, and the best concrete contractors in Tauranga to handle pool projects for homes and businesses.
Concrete Patio & Paths
The best thing about concrete patio and paths is that they are less prone to cracking and are less likely to be damaged by salt and ice melt. Contact our experts for a wonderful workmanship and trusted contractors.
Commercial Projects
Concrete foundations provide required solidity and standard thickness for commercial projects.  Building concrete foundation for commercial projects can be done in various processes. Our contractor’s expertise in all types of concreting for commercial projects such as walls, piers, and columns.

Tauranga Concrete Driveways  ​

Concrete is the most favoured material for driveways for its durability, density, and longevity.  They are strong and they require very little maintenance. The combined strength and durability will make concrete a relatively good value for large areas paving.  Although plain concrete can be dull in appearance, there are many ways to improve its surface such as coloured concrete, exposed aggregate, and stamped concrete.

Denver Structural Engineering

If you are under taking a large concrete project, you should consider hiring a structural engineer. Denver Structural Engineering is a firm that can assist in designing and analyzing concrete structures, including determining the size and strength of structural members, calculating loads and stresses, and identifying potential problems.

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